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MedTunnel’s Credit Card on File Service.

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MedTunnel Credit Card on File Service

The MedTunnel Credit Card On File service is a cloud based secure service that allows your practice to store credit card information in the cloud. Your practice can start storing credit card information instantly and can retrieve stored information at any time.

With recent changes in health care coverage, medical practices are having to collect both larger payments from patients and having to collect these payments more often. Having credit card information stored for patients greatly increases the ease of capturing this revenue from patients. But in order to be able to store credit cards, practices have to be compliant with security standards such as PCI which is a standard developed by credit card companies to be able to store credit card data. Trying to become compliant can be a daunting task, but now there is a service that you can use to store patient credit card data. We take care of the compliance for you.

This is how it works. When you sign up for the service, we give you magnetic credit card scanners for use at your front desk. When a patient checks in, the front desk personnel simply swipes the credit card and has them sign an authorization form that you design that allows you to charge their stored credit card at a later date. When there is a patient balance (typically after their insurance is charged and it is determined that there is a patient responsibility), your billing personnel simply retrieve the credit card for the patient, charge the card for the amount, and send the patient a zero-balance receipt. No more sending multiple bills to try to collect patient balance revenue!



Incorporates the exceptional and proven MedTunnel security


PCI certified – we take care of the compliance for you


Store credit cards or eCheck information

Magnetic Card Reader

Magnetic card reader for fast capture of credit card data

Web Based

Web server based service that requires no software

Logging Secure Data

Logging of all access to secure data

Security Restrictions

Security restrictions to help prevent unauthorized access

Easy Setup

Easy setup – You can be up and running within an hour

Stores Patient ID

Stores information referenced by your own patient ID from your PM system


Auto-expiration of items entered

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