How do mailboxes work for group accounts?

This information is for provider group accounts only and is not pertinent to patients and single providers.  When a provider group signs up for MedTunnel, they need to pick a unique group name.  For example, an imaging center named Valley Imaging Center may pick the group name valleyimaging.  A general mailbox is created automatically for every group and the MedTunnel ID for the general mailbox becomes @groupname so in the case of Valley Imaging Center this would be @valleyimaging.  The general mailbox is like the general fax number for your organization.  It is the MedTiunnel ID that other users will send documents to when they don't know which other MedTunnel ID in your organization to send to.

Users can be added to a group by the administrator of the group.  When a user is added, they must have a username that is unique to a group.  For example, if Valley Imaging Center has an employee named David Thomas, then they may choose davet to be the username.  When a user is created under a group a mailbox is automatically created for them with the MedTunnel ID username@groupname so in this example, David's MedTunnel ID would be davet@valleyimaging.

Optionally, group administrators can create departments manually.  For example, if Valley Imaging Center wants to have all billing related documents sent to a mailbox named billing@valleyimaging, then the administrator can manually create the billing@valleyimaging department and then assign which of their users has access to this mailbox.  Also, the group administrator can give temporary access for a user to any mailbox.  This is useful in case a person goes on vacation and another person needs to have access to their MedTunnel mailbox to view documents.

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