Can I send documents to non-MedTunnel users?

Yes - you can absolutely send messages or documents to non-MedTunnel users.  In order to do so you will need their email address and a password they will know to use in order to view the secure documents.  Typically, the process is as follows: 

1) Place a phone call to the non-MedTunnel user recipient to let them know that, instead of faxing, you are going to send them their patient documents via MedTunnel to their email address.  

2) Determine a password to be used by the recipient.  Since the documents will be sent to this particular non-MedTunnel user for the first time, you and the recipient will pre-determine a password that will be needed in order to view the MedTunnel encrypted documents they are about to receive via their email.  For group account users, this password can be set globally for all messages.  Please note that on future documents you send to the same non-MedTunnel user recipient, the password used previously still applies until you change it by sending a document with a different password.   

3) Send the document to the recipient's email address.  Upon sending the document, the recipient will receive an email with a link to the MedTunnel-encrypted document.  When the recipient clicks the link, they must enter the password (as determined in Step 2) in order to view the document.  While they are viewing the document via the secure MedTunnel server, the recipient will be given the option to sign up to become a MedTunnel user for free.  If they sign up and you send a message to their email address,  you will be sent a notification to your MedTunnel mailbox providing you with their MedTunnel ID which will allow you, from that point on, to send them secure documents directly through MedTunnel without the need for a password.

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