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MedTunnel salutes our Frontline Healthcare Heroes in the fight against COVID-19

We are proud to have our free HIPAA-compliant messaging support you in this fight!

MedTunnel is a free service that provides secure HIPAA compliant communication for healthcare. It allows providers and patients to communicate and exchange private health information using their computers and mobile devices.

MedTunnel Common Questions:

How is MedTunnel Free?

How is MedTunnel Free?

Amazingly this is one of the most frequent questions we get asked. The skepticism about how we can provide such a valuable service for free especially in a medical environment is justified because health care providers are used to paying premium prices for services. When a free service like MedTunnel comes along that provides such a great service for free, there is bound to be a feeling of “too good to be true.” Well, we wanted to state clearly for all the skeptics that MedTunnel is a great service for health care and it is absolutely free.

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Email & Text Messaging are not HIPAA Compliant

Why are Email and Text Messaging Not HIPAA compliant?

Many people falsely believe that traditional email and texting of private health information is HIPAA compliant. This is simply not true and anyone who is currently using these methods is putting their organization at risk.

HIPAA regulations require that all private health information (PHI) remain private and be only accessible by authorized personnel. This means that when transmitting PHI two things have to be ensured.

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MedTunnel is HIPAA compliant

How is MedTunnel HIPAA compliant?

The main purpose of MedTunnel is to provide a free, secure, and HIPAA compliant messaging service for transmitting private health information (PHI) through the Internet. The core architecture of our product was designed to meet HIPAA and security guidelines. MedTunnel provides a secure conduit through the Internet for PHI transmission. In fact, our security protocol is such that no one at MedTunnel, even at the CEO level can access PHI even if they wanted to.

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MedTunnel Features:

Instant Messaging

Message instantly and securely with your office staff, other providers, other practices, or your patients – using any device - anywhere, anytime.

MedTunnel is a secure HIPAA compliant messaging service which allows you to communicate with your partners, office staff, other providers and practices, and most importantly your patients – using any one of your devices (mobile or computer). MedTunnel instant HIPAA compliant messaging provides you the anywhere, anytime convenience of:

  • Answering questions (medical, billing, scheduling, etc) from your office staff

  • Exchanging advice with your partners 

  • Providing a consult remotely from you mobile device

  • Making and communicating critical decisions on the go

Is it HIPAA compliant texting? Is it HIPAA compliant e-mail? It's both and all in one with MedTunnel's instant messaging.

MedTunnel is your mobile HIPAA compliant companion - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   

HIPAA Compliant Document Transfer

Document Transfer

Say goodbye to faxing…You can now send, receive and view medical documents securely using any computer or mobile device.

MedTunnel allows you to send, receive and view medical documents using any one of your mobile devices or computer. You can view a patient’s medical records, x-rays, or any private health information – thereby, allowing you to perform consults from anywhere, at anytime. 

Patient Portal

Patient Portal

Patients can contact you anytime through your practice’s very own MedTunnel patient portal page. Whether it’s requesting an appointment, submitting their insurance cards, or simply asking a question – your patients have direct access to your practice anytime.

By activating your practice’s own MedTunnel patient portal page - your current or prospective patients can connect with you and your office directly from anywhere...anytime. Whether it’s requesting an appointment, asking a question, or sending images of their insurance cards – your patients have direct access to you through your practice’s very own MedTunnel patient portal page.

Custom Mobile App For Your Medical Practice

Your Own 
Custom Mobile App 
For Your Medical Practice

All medical practices have a website, but none have their own custom app in the app store. The vast majority of the adult US population has a smart phone and are getting more and more of their information using mobile devices, but getting a custom mobile app built and maintained is very expensive. MedTunnel has already built the hipaa-compliant infrastructure needed for building custom medical apps. We’ve decided to leverage this backbone and build custom mobile apps for medical practices that are very inexpensive and highly functional. This means that your practice can have it’s own app in both the Apple app store for iOS devices and Google play store for android devices complete with your own icon.

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MedTunnel is a completely free service...Click below to get started. 

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